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Craig Brown
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I think veganism is just outright weird...the Braggs cider is all I meant- I love that stuff.
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Garrett Smith
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Bragg's ACV is totally A-OK by me too!
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George Mounce
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Originally Posted by Craig Brown View Post
George, where did you get your kefir grains?

Apple cider vinegar in water. The Braggs. Meditate, or at least spend some time just focused on calming yourself and deepening breathing. Fish Oil. Vitamin C in robust quantities.

Craig - got my kefir grains from one Jay Cohen. He is an AWESOME DUDE. Those grains have been living at my house for over a year and the kefir is collected either daily or every 2 days depending on how "cultured" I feel that day.

In other thoughts, Lifeway has gotten into the mass marketing of kefir, you can also find it at Trader Joe's. Go with plain and add to it, that stuff with the sugar and fruit added is just more sugar. Put in your own sugar. Personally I like to add to my home-made kefir strawberries, cinnamon and ground flax for an great post WO treat. Tastes like a strawberry shortcake. I use organic whole milk for my milk.
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