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Blair Lowe
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Gittit, Ido Portal is one of the mods and contributors over at gymnasticbodies.com . Apparently he knows and talks with Coach Sommer quite a bit. Gregor is another mod over there.

Ido also seems to have gone through quite a bit of the Charles Poliquin seminars and materials. CP also comes off like an ass, at least to me. Thus, while I'm interested in his material, I can't say I could stand his company for too long.

I am merely snickering at Ido's crazy hair. Reminds me of a lot of capoeistra. I'm just being childish instead of my usual childlike.
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Gittit Shwartz
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Blair - yes Ido is very much influenced by Poliquin, but I think his work is far more applicable to most folks' goals on here. The "Hybrid Program" by Gant Grimes is pretty much how we've been working for years. The programming is Poliquin, tools are Olympic lifting, gymnastics strength training, a little bit of crossfit and Ido's own masochistic inventions.
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Steven Low
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Got my copy today.

Definitely a bunch of things to fill in the gaps between progressions for me. Would say "SS for gymnastics" is a fairly accurate representation.

For those interested in learning a lot of the progressions the basic strength moves and stuff I would recommend.

P.S. I will say that the programming section is probably a bit more lacking than most people would have liked. Mostly on different variations you can do in a routine... but no solid templates or anything like those that his gymnasts would follow that encompass everything into one. Of coruse, since everyone is different that would've been futile anyway.

That's why my own "How to construct your own workout routine" is so vague at points, heh.. cause it depends on each person individually and where they're at.



Gymnastics and the strength training behind it is ALL about consistency. Since you don't get the satisfaction of adding weight to a bar to know you're progressing it can be frustrating and you probably want to quit more than with weights. If you're consistent, you can learn and do almost anything given enough time.

Yeah, people want to get to my level of strength (and I'm not even that high on the continuum anyway so it's not that impressive in a huge perspective). But I've been at it for a little over 3 years. All about consistency and working at it bit by bit. I hope to keep working and get the more advanced moves in time! Stay consistent with what you want to learn and do. Seek out good advice from people. Then you'll be able to do what you want to do.
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