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George Mounce
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Mine says that as well, and I ensure I actually don't eat 2-3 hour before bed so that it is taken on an empty stomach, and I've been avoided ice cream to help with absorption. I just put it out there as Dr. G had said to take zinc with food to help with stomach issues.
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Garrett Smith
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I believe zinc on an empty stomach is mainly a problem on the overnight-fasted empty stomach.

I take my ZMA combo before bed as well, food has usually been in there 1+ hours, but no one will catch me stressing and staying up late worried about taking my ZMA too close to food.

If anyone knows of a study that demonstrates the increased effectiveness of ZMA when taken with/without food, please post, I don't believe it exists.

Avoiding the combo of calcium or dairy with ZMA is likely a good idea.
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Chris Salvato
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As you can tell, I misread the label on my ZMA when I took it for the first time last night....

I took it with a big glass of milk because i thought it said "TAKE WITH FOOD OR CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT" so I thought "hey wow! Milk will satisfy both! WINNER"...oh wells..

As an anecdote, I had somewhat of an odd sleep after sleeping on milk+ZMA heh
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