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Steve Kaspar
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Default not sore on some exercises

i havent done bench presses in maybe 15 years. i do pushups 2 days a week. 2-3-4 hundred per workout.
sets of 20-50, all depends..
so i wanted to try the bench press exercise again. i do 12 reps warm up.
then a set of 10, a set of 8, a set of 5 and 2 sets of 3.
whay aint i sore the next day?
same way with pullups, if i do a bunch of sets of 15 regular dead hangs, GTG with 15-19 throughout the day, or weighted pullups, 5-6 sets of 3. i'm never sore after doing these either... dips, i'm sore. lots of crunches and ab work i'm sore, dead lifts and hang cleans i'm sore. never pullups, and now not benches. why? i do a few warm up sets then the heavier stuff where i can just get 3 reps.
thanks for any reasons.
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Steven Low
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Soreness doesn't mean your progressing in either strength, endurance or whatever. Do not rely on it as a factor for judging the efficacy of your workouts.
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Blair Lowe
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You have built up a lot of work capacity and endurance for pullups and pushups.

Hang cleans, of course you're gonna be sore. Way more intense movement.

Dips and crunches...perhaps you're weaknesses. I'm not sure I could do lots and lots of crunches anymore. I am sure I don't want to. Dips also focus on more finite muscle groups than pushups. More load, fewer muscle groups.
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