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Grissim Connery
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i've tried a bunch of different approaches to coach sommer's book so far.

of the static holds he shows (planch, both levers, L, Straddle L, manna, and handstand) i try doing in a sequence now with about 8 seconds per hold for whatever level of sommers' progression i'm at. i'll repeat this sequence a few times, so it's kinda like a round of statics but i take a break afterwards. each hold doesn't necessarily get a whole minute of attention (except for handstands), but i prefer to work these everyday if possible so i don't like to spend too much time.

for his exercises, i do a 3x3 superset of push/pull and then leg/core. for example i will do 3 reps of a HSPU variation, 3 of a pullup variation, 3 reps HSPU, etc. until the 3x3 is done. then i will do the alternated leg/core. i'm considering combining all 4 into a massive 3x3. once these become easier, i plan do make them into ladders.

then i generally do some kind of metcon w/ KB's

i'm just following the basic idea of pairing opposite pulls/presses. so HSPU/pullup variations, pushup/row variations, and dip/curl variations. thus the cycle repeats after 3 workouts.

there's so much variety that i'm not going to focus on the multi-plane pulling or pressing until my statics are more developed. the same goes for combined pull/press, but i'll keep using muscle-ups for metcons.

warmup is a bunch of BJJ stuff.
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Grissim Connery
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i just read that post on the gymnasticsbodies forum. apparently coach sommer is gonna start posting WOD's. i think i'll just chill with those when the time comes.

whatever the outcome, i'm still gonna juggle that kettlebell...
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Steven Low
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Whatever works for you.

I tend to prefer my routines be more focused than that, but hey if you're seeing the strength/fitness benefits then that's awesome.
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Garrett Smith
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2nd workout, done in my garage gym:
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