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Garrett Smith
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I believe it was the first time I ever watched an internet video that long as well--it was in chunks over the course of a work morning, but I completed it nonetheless. That does say something, IMO.

I've been working on the "inner corset" stuff mainly so far, just like others on the reviews/testimonials have said, it starts to become more comfortable to work on improved posture rather than simply slouch the old way. I really want to get the book.

You have a happy holiday season as well. I'm sure word of your holiday dinners is sending shudders through the entire animal kingdom...
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Jay Cohen
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Chow On
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Ben Fury
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Nice find, Garrett!!

My clients are always baffled when I tell them to STOP doing all isolated abdominal work. They need to learn that it creates MORE problems. Isolated abs are dumb abs. They'll never see them unless they get their bodyfat down anyway!

Stabilizing while doing dynamic movements like squats, deadlifts, power cleans, DB snatches, etc. gives the abs and low back plenty of work. Then we stretch, stretch, stretch the out of whack muscles to restore balance so natural posture can become... natural!

Gokhale's book is added to my Amazon wish list. Santa, are you listening?

I'm looking forward to adding her tools to my tool chest!!
Be well,
Ben Fury, CFT, CMT

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~Muzhduk the Ugli the Third~
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Yael Grauer
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I just got the book, it looks great!

I have had a LOT of luck with this, too;
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