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Steve Forman
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Default Anyone have Experience with MSM


Ive read that is good for joints, ligaments and tendons. I've read its about as harmful as water is.

Is it a good thing to take for preventative maint. My was wife was told about this for her treatment of Lupus. Could it help prevent injury for me?

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Garrett Smith
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I think it is good stuff. I take it in the Emergen-C version, only 1g/day.
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Sam Brothers
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I like glucosamine better. MSM is really cheap tho!

MSM can cause gas (in larger doses) so beware! (It's a sulfur + methyl (methane) compound)
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Gavin Jones
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Have had great experience with it. Is good used for maintenance. Also, if you tweak a joint, take double dose for a couple of days and it works wonders
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Bo Bolund
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I would recommend a high dose vitamin d3 (>5000 IU)

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