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Gary Ohm
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Default Spending some Christmas money

I had no idea where to put this, so if it needs moved I won't be offended...

I made quite a haul this year. My B-day is right before Christmas. I got the "Ross Trology" from Ross training dot com, Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning edited by Baechle and Earle, and Physiology of Sport and Exercise By Wilmore, Costill and Kenney 4th ed. I also received a 50$ to Amazon.com. Can anyone else suggest an addition to what I already have? I don't think the amazon money ever expires, but 'ya never know...

Thanks in advance...
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Júlíus G. Magnússon
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Do you have Greg's weightlifting book? http://www.amazon.com/Olympic-Weight...0854815&sr=8-1

Practical Programming? http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Prog...0854841&sr=8-1

Good Calories Bad Calories? http://www.amazon.com/Good-Calories-...0854871&sr=8-1
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Jay Cohen
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I had this list on my blog a few days ago, also see some of my recommended reading on the left column of my blog, link is below.

A recommended list of Strength training & Weight lifting books from Mehdi at Stronglifts.com

These books would be a great addition to anyone serious about training. I'm sure there is a bunch more that are out there, feel free to post your favorites. BTW, Pennsylvania offers on line access to a state wide database. If the book/DVD is in the state, your local library will get if for you. Pretty cool.

Mehdi runs a solid website, good blog, good forum. His basic strength and nutrition suggestions are dead on solid. Check him out and download his free E-book here.
Strength Training Books.

* Dinosaur Training by Brook D. Kubik
* Infinity Intensity by Ross Enamait
* Mastery of Hand Strength by John Brookfield
* Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey
* Of Stones & Strength by Steve Jeck
* Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline
* Practical Programming for Strength Training by Rippetoe & Kilgore
* Powerlifting Basics Texas-Style by Paul Kelso
* Rock Iron Steel by Steve Justa
* Science & Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky
* Strength Training for Young Athletes by William J. Kraemer
* Super Squats by Randall J. Strossen
* Supertraining by Mel C. Siff
* The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum
* The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline
* The Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr
* Ultimate Off Season Training Manual by Eric Cressey
* Vertical Development Bible by Kelly Bagget
* Westside Seminar DVD by EliteFTS

Weight Lifting Books.

* An Introduction to Olympic-Style Weightlifting by John M. Cissik
* Building the Efficient Athlete by Eric Cressey & Mike Robertson
* Essentials of Weightlifting & Strength Training by Mohamed F. El-Hewie
* From The Ground Up by Dan John
* Kelso’s Shrug Book By Paul Kelso
* Optimal Muscle Training by Ken Kinakin
* Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore
* The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur J. Drechsler

Nutrition Books.

* Anabolic Solution by Mauro Dipasquale
* Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto
* Gourmet Nutrition by John Berardi
* Nutrient Timing by John Ivy
* Precision Nutrition by John Berardi
* Protein Book by Lyle McDonald
* Scrawny to Brawny by John Berardi
* The Metabolism Advantage by Jon Berardi
* TNT Diet by Jeff Volek
* Ultimate Diet by Lyle McDonald

Flexibility/Injuries Books.

* Bulletproof Knees by Mike Robertson
* Diagnosis & Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes
* Inside/out by Robertson & Hartman
* Kinetic Anatomy by Robert S. Behnke
* Low back Disorders by Stuart McGill
* Magnificent Mobility by Cressey & Robertson
* Relax into Stretching by Pavel Tsatsouline
* Super Joints by Pavel Tstatsouline
* Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies

Mental Training Books.

* Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
* Ironmind: Stronger Mind Stronger Bodies by Randall J. Strossen
* Mastery: Keys to Success & Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard
* Strong Enough? by Mark Rippetoe
* The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger
* The Stone Lifter by Steve Jeck
* Under The Bar by Dave Tate

Personal Development Books.

* 48 Law of Power by Robert Greene
* Attract Hotter Women by Brent Smith
* Awareness by Anthony De Mello
* Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
* How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
* Law of Success by Napoleon Hill
* Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
* Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
* Mind-OS by Doctor Paul
* Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
* The Stellar Man by John Baines
* The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida
* Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
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Gary Ohm
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Oh.... My....Gosh....

Jay you are on my short list of hero's.
Thank You.

Thank you very much Julius. I really like those you listed. They link to some interesting package deals on Amazon too.

I really appreciate the help fellas. I couldn't get the link to Mehdi' site. I'll do a google for him.
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Chris Salvato
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Don't forget Coach Sommer's gymnastics book or Greg's O-lifting book, either :P
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Gary Ohm
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Ah, dagnabbit!!!

I need another Christmas.
Maybe not another birthday though, they come WAY too fast as it is.
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Jay Cohen
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No problem.

Here is site link, sometimes he has server issues, but it's not a bad site, has good quality of info. Don't get put off by the free Ebook offer. Down load it, not a bad reference piece.
He also has blog and forum tabs at top of page.

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Darryl Shaw
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Deadly Harvest by Geoff Bond . This is simply the best, most comprehensive paleo diet book I know of; makes Cordain's efforts seem a little amateurish. The only criticism I have of this book is he cautions against the consumption of starchy root vegetables but that's understandable as the book is aimed primarily at the avarerage guy who wants to lose a few pounds; athletes should ignore this advice.

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition: How to Eat for Maximum Performance by Anita Bean. Regardless of which diet you choose every athlete should own at least one sports nutrition book that gives them the conventional peer reviewed scientific view and this book is one of the best books on the subject that I know of; highly recommended.
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