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Derek Maffett
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I got a singlet for about $25 day of competition, so they're not necessarily going to be very expensive. Just look around.
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michael cooley
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Originally Posted by Jay Cohen View Post
Singlet is required unless the meet director OK's it, but Singlets are cheap, look around at the Wrestling sites, and the best part, you look like an O-lifter, regardless of weight lifted.
I've bought from www.singlets.com before. Decent prices, and they've got more suitable styles for weightlifting, too (e.g., longer leg coverings).


"Think of Tiger Woods out there hitting a bucket of balls. He's not swinging the 5-iron to get stronger -- he's swinging it to hone the groove. Hone the groove."
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Patrick Yeung
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No but seriously, what are good/decent numbers?
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Derek Maffett
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That's a difficult question, because there's certainly no "you must be this strong or you're going to make a fool of yourself" rule. If you see "good" numbers as "competitive" numbers, then it would depend on the level of competition. For a guy, I'd say that you can be somewhat competitive at a BW snatch and a C&J a little higher. That won't fly at higher levels of competition, and would require extra training (which you'll do if you really plan to be competitive).

Six months of preparation would seem conducive to good form and strength at your first competition.

Do what you think is best. I can understand the desire to do reasonably well at your first competition rather than just going to one the week you started lifting.
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James R. Climer
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US National Masters 2008 results:

you didn't mention your age, but look at these results for
masters in the 85 kg class... it should give you an idea.

Here's the link to what it takes to qualify for the 2008 Pan-American Masters:

(The homepage has this quote on it: "There are no qualifying totals to enter our Nationals. To be eligible one must be a registered master weightlifter and have competed in a sanctioned weightlifting competition within the past three years.")

I find the real challenge to be finding and getting to a meet, I almost entered
the Tommy Kono last August after I went to the seminar on the day before the meet and chatted with one of the organizers of the meet; his response to my idea
of joining in was that he'd be happy to see me there, no minimum qualification weights would be required, and I could even get away without the official uniform
as long as what I wore met the intent of the singlet. (Alas, family commitment thwarted those plans).

About the only musts are that you join the USA Weightlifting, and that you must be present to compete.

BTW, at 48 years and 94kg, my all-time unjudged garage bests are 57kg SN + 93kg C&J...
...I definitely wouldn't have wow'd anyone at that meet, except maybe myself or my 4 and 7 year-olds. (I rue the day when they aren't so easily cajoled into hero worshipping me)
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Garrett Smith
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Man...if I want to have any chance at the Master's Nationals in two years, I better either figure out how to get down into the 77kg category (I believe I weighed ~80kg at my first comp in November) or start getting seriously stronger for the 85kg class (as the 2008 winner in the 35y/o 85kg division snatched more than I can currently C&J!!!).
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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