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John Filippini
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Default True Protein Options

I'm looking at the custom blend options on www.trueprotein.com - is there any reason to go with the fancy filtrations or whatever of whey protein versus the simple whey protein concentrate? I notice that the price of the latter is something like half all the other versions. Is the difference really that meaningful? Thanks.
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Derek Weaver
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No, I wouldn't worry about it. The cost is the biggest issue.

I have noticed in the past that whey concentrates tended to make me gassy though.

Hydrolysates taste like all hell and aren't worth it.
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Allen Yeh
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I find I do best with a blend that is whey concentrate and isolates, if it's just concentrate it tends to make me gassy like Derek.

What are you getting the protein for? I know Lyle Mcdonald usually gets milk protein isolate or whey concentrate. He also recommends getting the BSL flavors and not the regular flavors with Stevia as a sweetener.

Hope this helps.
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