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Troy Archie
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Default Ending the Fast

I'm curious as to what type of carbs would be best to end your fast with. Would you want to go for starchy and carbs with a high glucose:fructose ratio like squash, yams, sweet potatoes and fruits or do you want to keep it fibrous and spend an hour wolfing down a honking huge salad or big ass plate of eggplant lasagna?
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Scott Kustes
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I do both depending on what I've been doing. Earn the carbs....if I worked out during the fast I go with sweet potatoes or butternut squash for the carbs. If not, I usually do something more along the lines of veggies, spaghetti squash or a pre-dinner salad.

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Robb Wolf
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Second what Scott said. If you did not train and are not feeling particularly carb depleted I'd stick more with the veggies, protein and fat.

As a personal preference I stick with starchier carbs and avoid fructose to minimize hepatic glycogen replenishment. That might not be the best plan for someone like an endurance athlete, but its smart if you want to stay at or near ketosis, even after a carb meal.
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