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Alex Bond
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2/14/09: Practice comp

Last hard training day before the competition next week!

Snatch warmup:
(40kg hang snatch, OH squat x5)x2
50kg snatch

Took about 8 minutes

Snatch attempts:
70kg (not even close)

PC&J warmup:
(60kg HPC, PC&J)x2
70kg PC&J

Also took about 8 minutes

PC&J attempts:
92kg (may have been a touch of elbow flexion just after receipt of jerk, so didn't count)
92kg (failed - definitely pressed out jerk)

This was disappointing - just to be sure, I did another attempt at 88kg and got it. That may be a more appropriate 2nd attempt.

Then I did
(60kg HPC, PC&J)x2
again to try to do good form

Front Squats:
60kgx3, 80kgx3, 90kgx3, 100kgx1 (PR)

A short metcon:
For time: 5 rounds of:
5 70lb DB swing
3 60kg press
5 squats
3 pull-ups

5:21 (last 4 presses had a push)
Disappointing. Was hoping for under 5. If all the presses were push, definitely would have made 5 minutes.

GHD Situps
3 sets of 10

Last hard day, so I really wanted to work. I did a lot, but am smarting over the missed jerks. Felt strong in front squats, metcon was tough, but the unpleasant kind of tough, not the fun kind.
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Old 02-21-2009, 08:00 PM   #12
Alex Bond
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Competion was a success! 5 for 6 and PR in snatch (and PR in strictly judged PC&J)

60, 63, 66 (PR)

75, 88 (failed), 90 (Gotten more than this overhead before, but not without a pressout or something, so I'll call it a PR)

Wish I'd hit the 88 so I could I tried for 92 or 93, and I should have gone 60,65,68 in snatch, but that's what first competitions are for. I totaled 156kg, and going in I was considering anything over 150 a success, so I am super happy. Got a busy week ahead of me next week, but the week after that I'll be starting the Oly Lifting Book beginner program, getting ready for the next meet in the area on May 2!
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Don Stevenson
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Good work Alex!

First comp most people just crap themselves and perform pretty poorly so getting PRs is excellent work
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