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Todd Mccraw
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Originally Posted by Robert McBee View Post
Hi Leah,

I do not take the Hot Roxx. Most days I average 2-4 shots of espresso so I'm thinking thats plenty on the stimulants. A few people early in this thread mentioned they didn't have a great experience with them but I'm curious to try them just for purposes of this experiment. I will if you will.

Of course Biotest wants you to feel like you should use every possible supplement but thats what they do, sell supplements. I like making money too so I totally support that but don't think you need much more than the protein. I am using their 'Superfood' stuff and like it and their Metabolic Drive is really tasty...IMO

I don't use any stimulants except for a few cups of coffee. If I do take something, it's typically near the very end of my diet when things start to slow down for me. Otherwise, I try to manipulate my calories and cardio to keep the progress going. If I stall out, then I will use something.
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