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Derek Simonds
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Default Jr Level 5 and Laney Cheering

Derek Jr competed at the Gasparillo Classic yesterday at Tropicana Field in St Pete. This is the largest gymnastics meet in the world and he had kids in his class from Canada, Mexico and Columbia. It was a great meet and Jr is continuing to improve on his skills every meet.

We have picked a couple of skills to really focus on to be ready for State. There is so much to tell about the meet. Just know that we are extraordinarily proud of him


The next video is a couple of quick shots of Delaney cheering with her Upwards team and practicing her gymnastics. Her coach asked her when she was going to be ready to compete. Laney said now. That's my girl!


Tracy and I are truly blessed with some wonderful children.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Steven Low
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Not too shabby there.. definitely bunch of improvement from last time. Possibly from just mostly getting stronger?

His mushroom was hilarious though... didn't really know what to do when he fell off. Same with floor when he ran out of space.
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Derek Simonds
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He was so upset over the mushroom. That cost him first place in pommel. He can get all 5 1/2 circles usually with only stopping once, unfortunately that was 3 stops and 1/2 a rotation too little so 4 X 1.5 points = 6 points in deductions. OOOF.

I have never seen him run out of room on the floor, but I give him credit because he stopped and went back for the scale after he started to turn. He was the only kid on his team who did all the elements in all the routines.

Two things we are going to focus on in the ring routine is the lever is straight out and not llegs up and down into a lever and secondly the inlocate or enlocate has to be with a straight body and not a pike. Those two little changes and he should be able to place on rings at state.

He is definitely getting stronger.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Allen Yeh
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Good job!
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Garrett Smith
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Taryn just started going to the very beginning "body awareness"-type classes at the Parks & Rec and Gymboree, I can't wait to see her having fun alongside me at the gymnastics gym.

Personally, I couldn't imagine how bored I'd be sitting in the lobby just watching the kids play, when I could be getting my own workout on at the same time while setting a good example!
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Blair Lowe
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Hmm, why such a short run? Hurdle looks short and he is getting deducted for lack of an underarm circle. Underarm circle punch on dive roll can help for some as well as staying extended as tucking makes the landing and rolling out more difficult.

Like all L5's he's a bit cautious on the swings on the higher PB. Needs to swing in upper arm way more and be patient and learn to wait on the uprise till the peak of the swing. I have them work upper arm to legs on the bars and then push up since he got deducted for an extra swing in his back uprise.

Needs to train bigger swings on HB and SR and get that back swing hollow on HB. Head in, no arch. He's gonna peel one day bad because of that. Head down, more ring turn out on ring back swing. If he can back lever, sometimes they can save the inlocate from piking if they swing high enough.

Too many boys don't realize that not only the back leg has to swing in the stride (split middle position ) swing on PH. Needs to keep the legs straddled versus tapping each other in the front support.

Umm, it's just 1pt per fall not 1.5 though it is 1pt plus obvious errors. You can lose up to 1.5 for a missing part. Non recognized part is .5. They can also take .5 1x per routine for routine composition error. Did he try to re-attempt to do the circle and flank off on mushroom? Looks like it.

I totally forgot they did the swinging pullover in L5. Man, I hate it and the baby giant. So that's what the straddle flyaway looks like. Ehhck. I've never done them and it makes me want to skip L5 even more.

He likes to bend his knees eh? Laney needs to keep her head in and round off is hand-hand not hands kick-kick. Nice turnover though.
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Duke McCall
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I can only imagine how proud you are. I hope to have a chance to experience something similar soon. My six year-old daughter has been taking gymnastics for a couple of years now and loves it. She recently moved into the "talented" class and could not be more excited. I am just glad she has the chance to pursue a sport she really enjoys.

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