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Darryl Shaw
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There isn't much point trying to do pull-ups at the end of your workout when you're fatigued so try doing a few sets at the start of your workout as part of your warm up.
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garrett stack
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try adding in back extensions and reverse hypers , helped me with oly lifting and pullup numbers went from 8 to 15 in about 6 weeks @100kg
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Chris H Laing
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Originally Posted by Alan O'Donnell View Post
I'm trying to get HSPUs right now and ugh progress is slow.
I feel your pain...

On a thread related note, you could probably work the assisted and jumping pullups til you can do kipping, and then work the kipping up into some higher reps or with a little weight, so that you get used to lifting your whole bodyweight up.

I'm trying to get my mom to be able to do a pullup and this is the approach im taking.
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