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Mark Joseph Limbaga
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Default some mass(a)gain questions

Just to clarify some things:

is the push press percentage basd on the jerk percentage or on the percentage of a push press?

with pullups, when it says 75% of tue, or whatever day does that mean 75% of the total reps, so if you got 40, that means you only do 30?

push jerk+jerk means a push jerk + another push jerk or another jerk variant?
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Derek Simonds
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My understanding is that the push press is based off your 1RM press.

On the P/U's I think Tuesday is weighted P/U's then Thursday is weighted rope climbs with 75% of the weight from Tuesday.

Push Jerk + Jerk I interpreted as push jerk then split jerk.

I haven't played with it in a while but that is what I can recall.
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