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Chris H Laing
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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
Getting that OHS better will guarantee a good FS and BS.

From my assumption you have long legs and/or inflexible ankles which is making you lean over so much with your toes pointed slightly out. Guess what? Turn your feet out even more, there's nothing wrong with it. It suits your body type.

That's my .02 and my assumption. Longer femurs are going to make you shoot your hips back and head forward the more straight ahead your feet are.
Thats an excellent assumption. I have extremely long legs and extremely inflexible ankles. Should I widen my stance more, or just turn out my ankles more?

Also, are you saying I should work on my OHS, before switching to BS and FS? I was under the impression that things like OHS and FS (the more form oriented ones) would be easier if I had built up a substantial amount of strength in the BS (the more basic one).

Thanks for all the help so far.
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Brian DeGennaro
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Nah, overhead squats are the hardest ones, so why not get that one down pat before moving onto the easier ones? I know people who can squat some relatively heavy weights that get owned by a bar and light weight for overhead squats (this includes kids who FS between 120 and 220kg for reps). Overhead squats teach you body tension and make you flexible so it is a must to get them right. Get the OHS and the FS and BS will follow rather easily

Brian's suggestion is what I always have prescribed for people to find their squat stance. Just get into the bottom however you want, fidget around, and make sure you can get an upright torso with knees and hips tracking over your feet before calling it your stance.
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