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Matthieu Hertilus
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Default Super Greens

I know you're supposed to eat plenty of veggies day in and day out, which I do, however, since its hard to gauge exactly how much veggies one should consume daily, are there any health benefits to taking a greens supplement? I know supplements can't compare to the real thing (i.e. protein powders vs protein-rich foods) but I wonder if there is a benefit to investing in some.
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Allen Yeh
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I've always personally viewed those Greens type products as a just in case type of thing. They do taste very terrible let that be a warning up front, unless you mix it with berries as I have done in the past. Recently I've been using the Superfoods produ t from Biotest and like it much better, as you don't have to choke it down like the Greens products.

Another option is to just blend in veggies into your protein shakes. An example of what I've done:
2 scoops of whey
1 can of coconut milk
some water
frozen berries
greens powder or a few handfuls of spinach
flax seed
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