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Anton Emery
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Default Mental Revelations of the Progressing Grappler

Roy Dean posted a link to this article on his blog. Good stuff, it has given me some points to think about in my own training, particularly with pressure and being heavy on top.


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That was a cool article. The relaxation thing really hits home! Gant has told me several times that I need to learn to relax and not try to "force" movement at all times or "use strength" constantly. I know he's right, It's just hard to do!

It will be cool when I start to feel "linkage" in Judo. In some positions, I do feel it from my wrestling background. But not in most positions.

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Chuck Kechter
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Nice article!

Thanks for posting it!
Very Respectfully,
Chuck Kechter

"Who cares if your "deadly art" was originally practiced in a temple in some obscure corner of Bangladesh if an ill-tempered girl scout with 6 months of boxing can knock the hell out of its practitioners?" --Mike Driscoll
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