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Frank Needham
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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I have body glide left over from my tri days and if I feel chafing coming on I will slather some on.

Are the Eddie Bauers like cotton compression shorts? I looked at what I could find on the website and there wasn't a ton of info on them.
Shorts are cotton/lycra/spandex.
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Blair Lowe
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Bike shorts work pretty well so long as they are never worn by themselves. MY UA and similar boxer briefs work pretty well most of the time.

However, I swear one of the boys was wearing a pair of Lulu shorts the other day and some other yoga type stuff. One of the boys around 7 or 8 asked if he was a girl in the boy's class

He probably didn't chafe but still...

And no, we have a policy of never wearing our gymnastics singlets in gym unless it's for meets. I'm glad this gym is like this so I don't have a bunch of boys in unitards/singlets. However, these guys barely understand the idea of working out shirtless for some reason. Nobody is old-school, anymore.
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