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Derek Simonds
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My dad went through a very life changing event with severe pancreatitis. He was on a low fat diet and has slowly transitioned to a real food diet with limited processed carbs and has had fantastic results. I hated the diet that the doctors prescribed but understood why as his liver was really damaged also. He is now 3 years later in the best shape of his life and works out three days a week. So many good things came out of his illness it is crazy, but it was an absolute struggle in the beginning.

Best of luck and remember that you can't do it for them, but you can be there with love when they are having a hard time.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Brandon Enos
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Guess it's time for an update. Got back Sunday night and have been busy with work until today.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to have hit her yet, either that or she just doesn't care. My friend cooked healthy breakfasts and I cooked healthy dinners (we were usually out doing errands during the day, so couldn't make lunches). But even though we cooked so much healthy food, she was sneaking and snacking on unhealthy food. And she brought home cases of diet pepsi after work a couple of the days and drank so many of them.

My friend got her to go for a walk around the block a couple nights before I got there. However, halfway done she was whining. When I was done there, we couldn't get her out of the house other than to go to work.


As much as I love her mom, I care about my friend so much more right now..she's working her ass off. She spent a month up here in the bay area working her ass off to get their old house her alcoholic father trashed before being forced into rehab in Texas fixed up so that they could sell it. Shes doing so much now. Cleaning, doing laundry, fixing the yards, cooking, and looking for a job on top of it. Shes even postponing (and maybe even canceling) her plans to enlist in the air force to help her mom through this..and her mom doesn't even try...ugh

It sucks having no ability to help. Even if I could do anything, stuck 4 hours away..never felt so powerless..
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