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Gavin Harrison
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That's what I think, a lot of these huge guys don't have the flexibility to rest a bar on their front shoulders and hold onto it (evidence: Louie Simmons "Front Squat Harness" because they don't have the flexibility to hold onto a bar to front squat with it). Though, the sticking point thing I don't really think is true, for me the major sticking point is right at the very top of my head. Oh well, overhead pressing isn't really hat practiced anymore and seeing anyone put up a big press is always neat

Both of these guys are crazy strong.
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Neill Smith
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I thought it was interesting that he had a pretty slow bar ascent for a push-press, but still basically no sticking point. Even at max weights I'm used to seeing push-presses start faster then slow a lot at the 1/2 - 3/4 point.
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