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Jay Ashman
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Wine is Paleo, at least by my definition.
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Grissim Connery
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anybody who shows up in a crossfit shirt has to do a 21-15-9 of tequila and guinness
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Gant Grimes
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
If I had a dollar for every name I've been called on the intrawebz....
Power Bear is my favorite.

And anyone who has to stay Paleo while reaching an altered state should be left there. It gives alcoholics a bad name.
"It should be more like birthday party than physics class." | Log | 70's Big
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Craig Brown
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Paleo for altered states usually means mushrooms, though in Texas it's more likely to be the Jimson Weed. People on the Weed should only be interacted with using extreme caution. Some of the old Vikings were fond of beer made with Henbane, which while probably not 'Paleo' is certainly hardcore. Big men with weapons twisted on neurotoxins = good times.
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Dominic Sirianni
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'Power bear' is awesome
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