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Allen Yeh
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Looking at your setup I'd opt with the prowler myself as you can rig up something for the GHR. I think Ross Enamait had a good idea for the a at home GHR.
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Derek Weaver
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Yeah, just a mat/pad for your knees and something to fix your legs into position will work for "natural" ghr's.

Honestly though, I have had an econo prowler on order for ~3 weeks with no word until I made two attempts. They told me to expect it to ship before the end of this last week and still nothing.

Be prepared for poor customer service if you go through elitefts, which may be the only source for that particular sled
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Jeff Yan
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You have lots of equipment. Consider investing in more knowledge/training.

For example, I'm sort of a gear whore when it comes buying hockey equipment. I've cut down on that once I realized that I would actually benefit more from going to a skills camp/clinic than buying the latest hi-tech stick.

Even if you don't completely agree with CrossFit, the CF Journal has quite a bit of decent content for $25--new material everyday as well as access to the entire archives. Of course, P-Menu also has a journal.
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