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Grissim Connery
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i've been doing a lot of lunges recently because i find that squatting kills my BJJ training, but i can lunge and still train regularly. this is mainly because squatting seems to tax my adductors too much.

i tried step ups but i feel like if you try to raise the weight up, you automatically kick off the back leg.

stepping backward lunge seems to be more applicable to squatting because the leg with the knee bend takes more of the load.

with weighted pistols i've been using a zercher grip. seems to make everything more natural.

for fun, i've been messing around with this type stuff recently
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Donald Lee
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I don't like Forward or Reverse Lunges for strength training. I prefer Lunge/Split Squats.

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Derek Weaver
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I'm a big fan of split squats with the rear foot elevated. I get a good stretch going on the back leg during the movement as well. For strength athletes I don't think there is much if any carryover, but for other athletes I don't see how unilateral lower body work could hurt.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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Steve Shafley
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Hate 'em. Done up to 365x3 to a 16-17" box.

Never did much of anything for me.
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