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Bill Ripley
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Pregnancy transference. You will be smearing peanut butter on pickles very soon.
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Ryan Smith
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Originally Posted by Matt Lawson View Post
I'll have to do a few days as examples on fitday.com.

I'm 5'9" @158#

Yesterday's eating looked a bit like this:
5am- Smoothie w/ 2c milk, 1c coconut milk, 2c frozen strawberries, 1 scoop protein (EAS).
9am- 3 eggs 4 strips of bacon
12pm- 5 oz steak w/ 4 cups salad mix.
6pm- 3 burgers w/out bun, topped w/ 6 slices of bacon (total) and a slice of Colby Jack cheese each.

3 bcaa caps in the morning, 10 fish oil caps, 1 multi.
3 liters of water.
I agree with Gant... It seems like to me your body is tired of being 158. Keep eating, lift heavy, and put on some weight (unless you need to stay within a weight class for something or other extenuating circumstances). I mean you're married, you're going to be a dad soon... you're a man now.

Congrats on the baby btw.
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Matt Lawson
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Default Fyi

After my original post I started eating like...well...something that eats a lot. I added 1000 calories the first month and another 1000 the second month. (any given day was 4k-5k) Half way into November I had leveled off at around 179-182#'s.

I discovered that 5k calories in one day does not leave much time to be hungry.
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