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Wayne Riddle
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Originally Posted by Ganine Vanalst View Post
One of those little milk guzzling, wet behind the ears Rippecunts accused me of being bat shit crazy and insane. Like I've never been called that before.
Damn, missed that post over there...
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Ganine Vanalst
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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Ganine, I thought your apology post was very, very funny. Your talents are wasted on people who either are only interested in seeing your arse (through a medium where pornography is easily available? Really?) or are unaware that you are a woman.
Thanks, James, glad you found it funny .

I don't think Rip minds the shenanigans that go on in that bacon forum; if I sensed he did, I'd refrain. I restrict my stupidity mostly to that part of the board and try not to sully the "serious" training forums (although I did try and fuck with Rip a few times in his Q&A for shits and giggles cause I am highly immature and silly that way and he's a big boy and I think he can take it). I wouldn't do that sort of thing here as it would be much less appropriate. After all, I have managed to hang on to some vestiges of a sense of propriety, although the bit that remains seems to be lessening with time. Sanity can be so damn constricting...I look forward to complete liberation.

At least the forum there is pretty much unmoderated and there is less chance of my insulting delicate sensibilities. Although I do think I might have disturbed that cj fellow a bit; and we were getting along so swimmingly too until I implied he might have a problem with premature ejaculation and then things went rapidly downhill from there.
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