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Derek Weaver
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The issue with using 2 KB's or DB's for overhead "American" swings is an issue in stability if you ask me. Since there is no catch I can see something very bad happening when fatigue sets in and a loss of control happens.

This is different from a double KB snatch where there is a catch and a clear end to the movement. The overhead swing is a bit too open ended.
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- CJ Kim
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James Evans
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For a one arm swing to overhead I would opt for a db, too much to go wrong with a kettlebell and you don't have that final punch through control that you get with the snatch.

Grissim, I understand the shoulder issues. It doesn't cause me any problems (4-5 years of doing them a lot) but I've always been a bit shy of benching because that does cause stress on my shoulders. It's the fine line between avoiding something because your rubbish at it or because it's no good for you. If you think it's bad then it probably is bad.
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