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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Default Texas Method question

Hi, I'm about to start the intermediate texas method program for my bench but I'm unsure as to what percentage of my 1RM/5RM I should use for the volume day. Any suggestion? I was thinking I would do 93% of my 5RM, which is currently 150, so I would be doing 140x5x5.

Thank you,

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Gavin Harrison
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Just pick something and try it out. If you can't get at least 20 reps on the 5 sets, back off the weight, if you can get all 25, add more.
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id start lower than that, say 130.
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Steve Shafley
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If those numbers are in pounds, then I'd just stick to linear periodization and eating.
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Justin Lascek
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Shafley is right, unless you're above 60 years old you most likely have some growing to do.
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