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Grissim Connery
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I made some bad drawings to help illustrate my new question.

I'm kinda confused now as to where i should feel a press. It's easy to exaggerate where the muscle tension is with a kettlebell, so the first picture shows that.

If the arm is tipped forward, then the medial head of the shoulder loads up a lot. i used to do most of my KB presses with a slight forward tilt b/c i could feel my shoulder activate a lot and it would make it feel safer. recently though as i've been increasing strength requirements in many motions, i'm noticing that this high demand for strength in the medial head is not ample. thus i've been playing with a second option

the second option shows the arm tipped backwards a bit (so the pressure is pulling downwards behind the head). this motion begins to incorporate musculature involved in DB pullovers and ball slams. the shoulder still works, but less stress is put on the medial head. the lats and posterior delt start to take some of the load. when i do this, i feel a great deal strong in the shoulder joint. this make me happy since i work about this join a lot. on the other hand, the elbow pressure increases dramatically, mainly because as one lowers the weight down, it feels like a tricep extension/french press.

the second picture shows this similar issue with HSPU. in the first example, the medial head and biceps are stressed really hard for me. when i approach failure, my back arches more, and i start to planche my body a bit.

in the second example, the triceps and lats begin to take some of the load. as one tires, the back does not have a tendency to arch as much. on the other hand, the triceps take a lot of pressure. an intermediate position exists where the forearms approach parallel to the floor before transition to the rack position.

i never would have thought of doing this because the positions seem to be disadvantageous. on the other hand, my strength in these tricep intensive positions has somehow increased w/o me actually working them. for example if i'm doing HeSPU on the floor, i can rotate my hand a bit in the bottom of the press to pressure the blade of the hand. this causes a lot of tricep pressure and approaches this intermediate position. also, i can feel more explosive elasticity in the tricep intensive one through the stretch in the lats and tricep. in other words, it feels like i can hop up and down easier when i do that.

now granted that intermediate step is a bit exaggerated, but it's been fun doing negative HSPU on the floor and dropping into that position with the elbows on the ground. also i've been trying to slowly lower into upper arm supports on bars recently, and it also helps to hit that parallel position.

My question is thus what is the correct way to perform pressing motions for these gymnastic skills? i refer to these as gymnastic because the elbows aren't supposed to flair out as they do in a barbell press, and a crossfit HeSPU

Note: i left out supinated presses because i feel that changes a lot. i prefer to supinate when doing planche work, and i feel that helps the shoulder overcome many of the hard issues that supinated impedes.
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