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Tom Miller
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Default Adding Compound weight exercises to Gymnasitcs Routine

Ah yes, I thought I had it all figured out, but wanting to do lower body...and truly full body compound weight work threw me for a loop....Why not just do starting strength as prescribed? For one thing, the pesky Marine Corps wants me to run every morning at 6am for 4-6 miles, and Rip himself has said with this kindof schedule 2x week under the bar is all you can handle....So, this and the other caveat being I want to incorporate gymnastic skills and bodyweight strength is where I'm at....

Taking squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and power clean, replacing bench press with weight dips and overhead press with handstand pushup work here I am:

4x Week M,T,TH,F:

M,T,TH,F: Skill Work:

5-10 Min Handstands
L-Sit Work

Frog stands
XR Push

BL progression
XR Row

W. Squat

Frog Stand
Weighted Dips

BL progression
W. Pullups

Power Clean

Frog stands
XR Push

BL progression
XR Row

W. Squat

Frog stands
Handstand Pushup progression

BL progression
Pullup progression (L-, etc)


Hmmm...too many conflicting goals?...I don't know, I think it can be well managed this way, my overlying principals are the linear progression of the weighted lifts: squat, weighted dips, weighted pullups, deadlift, and powerclean; the skill work; and the bodyweight FSP and FBE work....is there a better way to do this? Is there a better order I should be doing them in the specific workout or laid out over the course of the week?

Thoughts, critiques, comments would be helpful, and for those who read my first post and want to smack me in the back of the head, that is encouraged too.

-Tom Miller
Semper Fi!
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Gary Ohm
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Well I know there are a bunch of folks here who know way more than me in terms of programming, but the single suggestion I have is to make sure you are getting enough nutrition and rest. If you are trying to do this on four or five hours in the rack along with hours under the ruck you may be setting yourself up for failure.

But if you happen to have a nice desk job then you may be able to pull it off. Yes there are desk jobs in the Corps...

Not me, but my work buddy was the biggest, baddest secretary ever... All in the Corps.
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Steven Low
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Nah, it looks fine to me as a generalist strength routine.

Although it probably would be better if you had a few specific goals you wanted to work on, and most of the exercises were geared towards those.
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Nicholas Wyss
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Hard to give you a great critique without knowing where you are at currently, and also what your reps and sets are going to look like. But I have a few suggestions.

I know starting strength does squats twice a week, which is allright until you get stronger. Once you are pretty good at squats it gets harder on you and I feel like twice a week can be overkill with them unless one of your days you back off quite a bit on the weight.

Weighted dips is a decent substitute for bench press, but in my opinion its better if you work bench press in as well. I would rather do bench one day a week and weighted dips once a week than do squats twice a week.

I would also try to work handstand pushup progressions more than once a week unless you are really just a beginner. It becomes more of a skill than a really hard strength exercise so you can train it more often.
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