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Robert Allison
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Most of the peeps I know take it 2-3 times / days during allergy season. Regarding brands, the only one I am really familar with is Jarrow:


They are probably other quality products available, but that is the only one I have any knowledge of.
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Derek Simonds
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Great thread. My wife is genetically gifted. Currently she could eat anything she wanted maintain a great figure and fairly consistent weight.

Growing up her family ate terrible. My family has always been big on meat, fish and vegetables so cleaning up my diet was fairly easy for me.

We have two children and both are very active along with my wife and I. I do exactly what Allen does. My wife coordinates our meals so that when I am home we eat something that matches my diet. The only difference is that she might add some bread, or noodles for her and the kids. I will confess that there are times when she makes garlic bread that I have to use every ounce of will power not to eat three pieces.

The other thing that I am doing is on Sunday night I am cooking up a large amount of meat on the grill for the following week.

There are two things that I am fighting right now. First my son is very sensitive to processed carbs and sugar. If he eats them he gets on a roller coaster where he is wired then crashes and his behavior suffers. Based on personal experience and the literature I have read I understand why this happens. The tough part is that everybody in the world including schools give kids candy and crap. I hate being a grinch about Jr not eating cake, cupcakes and candy which like I said before is prevalent all over, but I know he is much better off not eating them. The kids have their easter baskets in our pantry and when they get candy from somewhere my wife puts it in their basket. The baskets are always full. Once again I am lucky as the kids will usually only ask once a day can I have something out of my basket.

Second item is breakfast. With me heading one direction, the wife another, getting the kids ready, dog walked and all the things that have to happen in the morning it is hard to consistently get them something other than cereal. I know we should just get up an extra 15 minutes earlier. When I am home that is what normally happens, but it is still tough.

Anyone have any ideas for breakfast?

I am truly lucky that my kids love meat and vegetables. I had steak, shrimp, lobster and salad 3 meals in one week because that is my kids favorite meals and they got to pick them for birthday dinners.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Robb Wolf
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Originally Posted by Robert Allison View Post
Hey Allen,

If you have problems with allergies, you might give quercetin a try. I know quite a few allergy suffers who have good success with it.

I tell them that if they cut out (or at least cut back) on the grains, their allergies would probably resolve themselves. But, as you might image, that advice is about as well received as a brick to the head.

In my book, quercetin is preferable to something like Claritin.
good Call Robert. The Jarrow quercetin rocks.
"Survival will be neither to the strongest of the species, nor to the most intelligent, but to those most adaptable to change."
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