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James Evans
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Default Double the awesome

Fitness just got more radical:

March 3, 2011

Dear PTontheNET Members,

Power Plate, the leaders in Acceleration Training products and services, is proud to announce its newest partnership with ViPR, the exercise tool bridging the gap between strength and movement training.

We are holding seminars and practical sessions on how to combine these two tools, led by Power Plate Master Trainers Louise Dear and Steve Powell and the creator of ViPR, Michol Dalcourt and his team at the FitPro Spring Convention (7th to 10th April, Loughborough).

You will learn more about the science and application of using both products to create fun, dynamic and challenging workouts for your clients. Together with ViPR, we have developed three integrated programmes, called FIT FOR SPORT, FIT FOR DAILY LIFE and METABOLIC CIRCUIT.

ViPR works predominantly as a top down influence on the body, while the Power Plate machine enhances ground reaction force, stimulating many adaptations in the body. This unique combination offers a functional and movement based workout that will improve performance and optimise results.

Our exclusive FitPro Spring Convention programme offers more ways to expand your skills, including workshops with PTA Global on how Acceleration Training works with their 3-D motion system and sessions led by Jenny Burrell, Post Natal exercise specialist, on combining Acceleration Training with Functional Motherhood Movement Patterns for outstanding results.
http://www.powerplate.com/uk/ + http://www.viprfit.com/ = A Higher Plane of Existence...I'm excited. You should be too.
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Grissim Connery
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this is painful
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