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Ben Glidewell
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Thank you for such a detailed response Greg, I really appreciate it.

I will continue to focus on stretching, is there a particular area or a certain stretch that I should focus on?

After I stretched and rolled out last night I messed around with the High-Hang Snatches and Segment Snatches with a PVC pipe. I have also been using 1 ľ OHS and Snatch Balance as you suggested in my warm-up, I will try to alternate them as a light weight warm-up and a stretch at night with the PVC. I assume that I have the same issues with my positioning on my clean in addition to my front rack problems. Would you suggest using the High-Hang and Segment variation to improve my clean as well?

I am finishing up the General Cycle this week and I had planned on starting the Sample Masterís Cycle after Thanksgiving. Should I sub the high hang and segment variations for the whole 5 week cycle and reassess after Christmas? Or continue with the regular lifts and add in the variations for a warm-up/stretch or assistance work? I guess I am asking if I should continue to train the full lift as deficient as my form is currently. Any input or suggestions for me to personalize the Sample Masterís Program, or a program in general would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you again for your time and willingness to help,
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Greg Everett
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Try using a bar instead of PVC whenever possible - you need a little weight for feedback and you'll get the feel of it better. Also, OHS/snatch balance will actually stretch you better than PVC because you need that bit of resistance to work against to really hit those postures correctly.

I would do the masters program as written (it actually has the halting DL + lifts in it 1x/wk) but add the other stuff as warmups. For example, before the snatch workout, spend 5-10 min warming up with high-hang snatches. reduce the weights on those as needed to do them correctly. You'll get strength work with the DLs, etc. And make sure you use perfect posture/balance on those - they're not just strength work, they're practice for the lifts.
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Ben Glidewell
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That makes sense on the PVC pipe and thanks for the gameplan on the Master's Program.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this site.
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