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Matt Morris
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Default Warming up for a meet

I've got my first meet this Saturday and am wondering how much warming up you usually do. Off the top of my head, here's what I was thinking.

squats: 3 x 3 (first set at 60k, 2nd at 100k, 3rd at 140k)
Presses 2 x 3 @ 60k
snatch balance 2 x 3 (start at 60k, then 100k)
snatch 50%, 60%, 70% 80% then open at 92%, then 97%, then 103% or there abouts...

then something similar, but abreviating the squats & presses for the clean and jerk.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Greg Everett
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Matt -

That's a lot... Sounds like a training session more than a meet warm-up.

What I would suggest is spending a few minutes getting warm/loose w dynamic ROM exercises and/or foam rolling if a roll is available. Then move to the bar for whatever movements you want (empty bar) - e.g. sn press, ohs, sn bal, muscle sn, sldl, etc. - just getting warm and loose.

Then start your snatch warm-up. Some lifters like a very quick one - probably about 6-8 sets, mostly singles. I like this as long as the lifter is adequately warm and moving well.

Here's an example of a basic warm-up for a 130 sn opener:

50 kg x 3 x 2

70 kg x 2

90 kg x 1

110 kg x 1

120 kg x 1

125 kg x 1

130 open

You can expand that if you feel it's necessary by adding a set or two more at 70, maybe 1 more at 50. But keep in mind this is a warm-up, not a workout - you want to do as little as possible in order to be prepared to lift maximally, not wear yourself out.

After that for a 160 CJ opener, something like:

50 x 2 x 2
70 x 1
90 x 1
110 x 1
130 x 1
150 x 1
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Matt Morris
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Location: Madison, Wi
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Matt Foreman
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Yeah, what Greg suggested is the way you want to go. Kick some ass!
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Keith Miller
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I would only add that sometimes you can do some empty bar squats first to help warm-up the hips and knees. Being 38, I do what I need to to make sure I can hit positions.
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sarena kopciel
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Enjoy and lift strong.
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