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Allen Yeh
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Default Easy 5 mile run????

I'm sure most of you are aware I loathe running with a passion. I'd rather do almost anything than go running.

I'm putting in my packet for becoming an Officer in the Army and I was doing some research.

Basic Officer Leadership Course Phase II is conducted at one of the infantry schools, either Fort Benning, GA or Fort Sill, OK. On the pages I saw a few things saying "Be able to run 5 miles easily" So far into my research I saw nothing that I was worried about form the classwork to the field stuff but now I'm a bit worried.

To be honest I'm not even sure when the last time I ran 5 miles was? The 5K's that pop up randomly on the Crossfit WOD's would have been the longest distance I've ran in a long long time. I'm looking around and there is not time given for the easy 5 mile run, but I'm assuming you're running along with the the school Cadre. It's been my experience that those guys are running machines. So I'd be guessing a 7 minute/mile pace?

As for duration of time to prepare? I'm not sure it's definitley going to be at least 4 months, probably longer.

I was originally going to post something up about having you guys all contribute some type of program like what Shaf did but now I know I need a "able to run 5 miles easily program" along with other training stuff to keep me sane.

Anyone with ideas/experience would be awesome because right now I just have this "oh crap!" feeling.
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Mike ODonnell
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If you can run 3 miles.....you can run 5.....you get in the zone and you will be fine.....not saying it wont suck but you can do it.....plus add the adrenaline factor doing it for time and with a group....it will go by fast as 3 miles by myself seems like an eternity but put me in a Tri/AR race for 6 miles and I feel like it flew by.....
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R. Alan Hester
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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
So I'd be guessing a 7 minute/mile pace?
Ranger school's standard on the 5 mile run is 8 minute miles, though it fluctuates between 7:15 and 8:30. So I would practice for the "surges" that cadre often pull to F.ck with you. I have had friends that trained for a steady 40 min 5 mile, only to be burned by the surges and get droped from the course.

Fartleck runs and intervals is all I would mess with--1 of each per week. Maybe one 5 mile run for a psycological boost so you know you can do it. But MOD is correct if you can smoke a 3 miler, then the fear of falling out of the run will push you the rest of the way.
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James Evans
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I'll put something together for you.
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Garrett Smith
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Hill sprints, intervals, some longer distance fartlek-ing, and the rare (every 2 weeks maybe) LSD run.

Heck, breaking up a longer run with calisthenics will get the job done.

Yael posted in another thread about short sprint intervals on a treadmill helping get her times way down...
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Josh Whiting
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I know this may go against what many people think, but I'll go ahead anyway. You will need to get a certain amount of distance in your legs, and do some LSD. Even if you buy into the intervals are better thing (which I do) you simply need to put in the miles to condition you lower extremities to the pounding you legs will receive. This is especially true when you add boots and weight to the equation and shin splints, stress fractures and blisters will become even more of a problem.
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Rick Deckart
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Try to get a copy of Jack Daniels (sic) Running formula, arguably the best book on long distance running availabe (IMO it is). He gives you lot's of ideas and plenty of battle proven advice. You do not need to follow one of the programs but follow his guidelines and success if more or less inevitable. Keep in mind he is a running coach and as such probably not the best source if your interested in overall strength/conditioning work.

The ciruits I posted some time ago helped me big time to kick-start running when I was into long distances running.
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Dave Van Skike
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Default Old news probably

I woudl bet you would benefit from really focusing on running technique drills to improve your form~ala Pose method or Chi Running or whatever the buzz method of the day is for learning efficient running.

Cardio fitness is not going to be your issue, going into lactic acid hell is probabably something you are used to...you just need to be able to run efficiently to exploit your abilities.

You already know this but.....Form then Strength/Speed then Strength Endurance then Endurance.
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Josh Whiting
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I think you cardio fitness may be an issue. I would, if I were you, incorporate some more traditional LSD training into you routine, along with some tempo and interval runs. Also if you have not conditioned your body to covering distance you will be much more likely to break.

POSE etc is good, however is not enough on it's own and will not help in boots and kit anyway.

As far as strength goes your probably near enough that level anyway.

I would do this:

Day One: Tempo Run
Day Two: Metcon and or Strength
Day Three: Intervals/Hill Reps
Day Four: Metcon and or Strength
Day five:LSD
Weekend off

I wouldn't go too mental with LB/TB ME work during your prep for this.
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Chris Goodrich
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I didn't have to do BOLC but I'm guessing they're looking for about an 8:00 min/mile pace while in formation, probably singing cadence. 7:00 min/miles would probably put you in the top 15% of your peers. In my experience, crossfit style METCON transfers much better to battlefield tasks than distance running, so I wouldn't sweat the running too much unless you are really slow (like 9+min/mile). If you're already doing alot of METCON, I wouldn't add more than 1 day a week of distance running. I'd focus mostly on fartlek and or intervals with the occaisional steady long run to get used to holding a pace for distance. Alot of it is just mental, learning to let your mind "go to your happy place" while your body pounds out the miles.

Edit; What Branch are you going into? If its infantry you might want to do a little more running than I suggested above to prep for Ranger.

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