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David Leitner
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Default Snatch help

Hello all,

I'd be interested to know any major problems you all see in the following snatches. They are 145 and 150 lbs respectively. In the next year, I'd like to get them up to 190 (my current bodyweight). Should I focus on improving technique, strength, or both at the same time?

Am I not opening up hips enough? If not how do I correct it?

I currently only lift 2x/week. Day 1= sn and clean deadlifts, Day 2= clean and jerk and back squats. If I added a third day, what should I work on?

My stats: 39 yo, 6' tall, 235 front squat, 165 snatch, 190 cj, 325 clean-style deadlift, 275 high-bar back squat. I've been lifting for about 3 years. Yes, I know the numbers are embarrassingly low.

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Blair Lowe
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Why no front squats?

I mean cleaning 190 while FS 235 is fairly efficient.

Still, if you were to add a third day, definitely front squats.

Technique is decent. Again, I couldn't employ a frame by frame to see your positions that will. And hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself will chime in. I almost want to say you are not bringing the bar in enough and keeping your shoulders over the bar but many people have that problem. I sure do, I know it. I have nearly a 30kg difference between my SN and CL. I just suck way more at the SN.

Mobility in shoulders and hips doesn't seem super awesome, but hell a lot of people have that problem and yours by far isn't a complete mess. It just seems a tad tight in shoulders and hips. I say hips because of the squat depth. I say shoulders because you have some torso lean in your OHS.
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Jason Gordon
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My two cents on what I can see:

- First pull looks good to me.

- For the second pull, the bar is too far away from you, with bent arms, so you end up just "splaying" your arms and legs to get the bar up.

What you want is to pop the bar up with the power from your lower body. Keep the arms relaxed and tighten your lats to pull the bar in to you, so that you get that power from your legs and hips.

- Nothing about your pull under or catch seems bad to me.
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David Leitner
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Default Thanks!

Thanks to all! You've given me good advice without making me feel like a suck-ass
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