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Kathleen McGuire
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Default Snatch help please

Hi, new here and am hoping to get some feedback on technique. Any tips? Thanks
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Blair Lowe
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Looks decent from the hang. OHS is decent but less than optimal I'm saying because of looking at your squat depth and the angle of your torso while holding the bar overhead.
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Jason Gordon
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It looks like you can keep the bar closer to you during the pull under, by

(1) using Greg's cue to pull the elbows high and to the sides or

(2) the cue my coach uses (which works better for me) is to focus on yanking your arms out to your sides as the bar goes overhead.

Either way, the result will be the bar staying closer to you.
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Kathleen McGuire
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Thanks guys, I'm finding that I am afraid to get under the bar at times (most times) and I think that is slowing down my catch in the squat. Jason, I love the cue to "yank" my arms out to the side as I notice my bar gets too far away from my body. It's definitely a work in progress.
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Allen Yeh
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Are you familiar with the Burgerner warmup? When I was first learning and training Oly that warmup really helped.

Link to Coach Burgener's website below:
The one you want is Burgener Warmup with Sage where he has some commentary to go along with what you see in the video.

Some things to help you feel more confident in the catch would be OHS and snatch balances. Try to keep your torso as upright as possible with the any variation of squat when it comes to Oly.

Greg's demo video on the OHS

Keep up the hard work.
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Greg Everett
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You need to be more patient with your arms. I would suggest that rather than simply bouncing out of the hang position, you set it momentarily, then start the lift smoothly with a push of the legs. The way you're doing it can certainly be done well, but it makes it far more difficult to be balanced, to create tension properly, to keep the bar in, and to keep the arms relaxed.

Relax your arms - let the weight of the bar stretch them long. Engage only your back and shoulders to actively push the bar back into your hips as you extend. The first movement should be a push of the legs, then a snap of the hips with a continued push of the legs. The arms need to remain long and relaxed, and your lats engaged to push the bar back, until this extension is complete. That will not only get a lot more speed on the bar, but will allow you to keep it in against your body much better.

Once that extension is done, then keep pushing the bar back toward yourself and pull the elbows up as high as you can and to the sides before turning the bar over. Think of squatting with a vertical trunk rather than sitting back w the hips as you pull down. You won't be vertical, but it will help keep you from leaning into the bar and moving away from it.

All that said, I'd say overall you're doing quite well.
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