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Steve Shafley
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Default Med Ball Circuit

I've been doing the following circuit as a "finisher" once or twice a week.

1. Squat Jump + Chest Pass x 15 (depending on where I am, this can look a lot like wall ball against a wall a bit above head level, or I throw it as high as I can against the wall. Squat-Jump/Throw then catch and repeat.
2. Ball Slams x20 (10x each side if I'm doing walking ball slams)
3. Side throws x10 L/R - This is the one where you stand perpendicular to the wall and using your arms and trunk rotation, throw it into the wall, catch and repeat
4. Backwards and Upwards throws: I throw it upwards as far as I can backwards, let it bounce, catch it then repeat...5 reps.

I definitely go for a power bias here. If my throws start slowing down noticably, I move on to the next movement. I did 4 runs through this on Saturday after deadlifting and it felt very good.
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Robb Wolf
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I love stuff like this as a dynamic warm-up or a non-eccentric restoration WO. I use the 4lb dynamax ball and really get some acceleration on the ball. Overhead throws, shot-puts, rotational throws and the ballistic sit-ups. Fun stuff!
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Jonathan Owen
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I went to a clinic by a dynamax rep on may 12; I really loved the stuff i was shown, especially the super wheel. I had no idea until the clinic that every dynamax ball is hand-made. Steve, when you say jump squat and throw, is it a squat jump, land, and then throw? Or is it all one motion? Hope I am making sense.
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Steve Shafley
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squat, then simultaneous jump and throw.
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Jonathan Owen
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James Evans
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I use a circuit with an MB that I'm particularly fond of. Sadly it doesn't really utilise the ball for throwing work but it does attack the midsection. I aim to never take my hand off the ball save wear unavoidable.

Everything is for 10 reps unless stated:

1. Sumo Squats
2. Curls (yeah, yeah, I know)
3. Push up - One hand on MB (10 reps, switch hands, repeat)
4. V-sit with ball in hands
5. Ground to air Press (not really a clean, touch the ball to ground with bend in your knees, press above head)
6. Tricep press
7. Pass behind back (pass ball as quickly around your body in one direction, repeat in opposite direction for a further 10 reps)
8. Standing Russian twist (10 each way)
9. Side to side lunge (10 each way)
10. Nieder Press
11. Goodmorning (I've switched to holding the ball to my chest rather than behind my neck)
12. Swings (full American style)
13. OHS
14. Push up - both hands on ball
15. Sit up and twist (10 each way)
16. Ground to air Press - Diagonal (like 5 but from left foot to above right shoulder for 10 reps, repeat in opposite direction)
17. Dorsals (lie on floor, face down. Raise chest, arms, legs off deck. Hold the MB out in front of you)
18. Nieder Press - diagonal (Looking ahead you press the MB out to 45 degress one side and then the other alternately. The Nieder Press often uses a staggered stance. Adopt this but switch your legs quickly as you change the direction in which you are pressing. 10 reps each side)
19. Lunge (10 each leg)
20. Shoulder press.
21. Pass under legs (Pass the ball in a figure of 8 through your legs by bringing your knees up towards your chest. 10 in each direction)
22. Wood chops (10 each side)
23. Side bends (10 each side - You can hold the MB overhead like a Saxon Bend if you want)
24. Ground to Air Press - Stiff legged
25. Russian twist and press (twist to 180, press out Nieder style, repeat the other side. 10 reps each direction)
26. Overheads. (Lie on your back - this is, I suppose, like a skull crusher.)
27. Bent over curl
28. Bent over row
29. Overhead crunch. (Same movement with the ball as 26. but perform a crunch at the same time.
30. Prone throw (Stay on the deck, throw the ball from your chest as high as possible. Catch, take the impact, repeat. Don't drop it on your face. This is easy but tricky to coordinate when you are tired.

I admit there are a couple of lame movement in there and I've written a second version that cuts some of these out, refines a few things and also melds some of the exercises into one series of movements. I've also added MB burpees.

There is a big poster of the exercise order on the wall but I still sometimes forget something through the fog of the effort. I normally do all 30 exercises straight through and it take about 11 minutes. My MB is quite light so I try to go as fast as possible. I've done it with a 9kg vest on too which makes for fun. Another variation is the 10,9,8,7...etc rep structure but that has you going for 40 minutes.

Good warm up. Mix it up with some running too.
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