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Daniel Miller
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Default Isometrics

I was wondering if people use isometric holds on a regular basis. If so which movements, for how long, and how frequently?

When I first started training for climbing, I wanted to be just like Bruce Lee, (lol) so I started useing isometrics 3x per week for OH lifting, biceps, DL, rows, and one-arm pull-ups. I just finished one of Ross Enamit's books, who recommends a similar 2-3x per week isometric session.
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Steve Shafley
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Dan John has some good stuff tucked away somewhere about isometrics...older stuff coming from York...good stuff.

I generally feel isos should be applied where needed. Steve Justa feels his "power isometrics" training is a secret to super strength.
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Mike ODonnell
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Planks....L-sits.....supermans.....back extensions......hand stands......oh and flexing the guns at the gym....I use it whenever and wherever...no set patern...at gym...at home...at the bar....esp the guns at the bar when curling Guinness.....
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Robb Wolf
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I used the heck out of iso-s to break DL sticking points. Power racks are SUPER nice for this.
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Daniel Christensen
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Wall squats, 1-legged wall squats
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