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S. Tyler Bayles
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Default best online sources for meat

looking for organic/grassfed meat. i tried La Cense but was a tad disappointed for the money and Niman Ranch is so expensive... any other recommendations? cheers.
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Chris Forbis
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Note that shipping is essentially included. As long as your order is large enough, it costs $7.50 to ship, regardless of how much you get or to where it is shipping.
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Garrett Smith
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I like Ted Slanker (call him, he'll personally answer the phone usually) and www.texasgrassfedbeef.com . They seem to have almost everything. As soon as I get a big freezer, I'm buying a sampler of everything (I want to try goat).

Pastured turkeys at Thanksgiving, while expensive compared to the mass-produced flavorless hulk-birds, are AWESOME.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Scott Kustes
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2nd vote for Slanker's and a vote for Tallgrass Beef. Tallgrass has nice deals on ground beef. I also concur with Garrett's comment about pastured turkeys...I bought one and it was delicious!

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Elliot Royce
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I like US Wellness. Great service. Prices seem pretty reasonable, and shipping is free.
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