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Scott Kustes
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Default Kefir

A friend asked me about www.kefir.com and wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this brand. I noticed that the milk is pasteurized, which is probably sub-optimal, but would this still have benefits. Also what recipe could I give him if he's willing to make his own?

Danke schoen

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Garrett Smith
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There's only two "flavors" of the Lifeway I'll buy at all--the plain full-fat, or in a pinch, the plain low-fat. Trader Joe's even started buying kefir and private labeling it. It's pretty decent, I'll have it if I'm shopping for food late after work on a feed day.

For recipes and starter cultures (for raw or pasteurized milk and other bases) go to www.bodyecology.com .

Truly raw milk doesn't need any starter culture, just an airtight container and a dark ~70degF closet. The natural probiotics take care of the job in about 24 hours.
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