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Chris Goodrich
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Default Supplementing/Replacing the MRE

I'm going to be spending a couple weeks in the field next month, and the primary food available will be MREs (Meals Ready to Eat, Meals Rejected by Ethiopians, etc). For those unfamiliar, these are bagged meals with a shelf life of several years, conforming to the USDA food pyramid, and basically as anti-paleo as you can get (The two main ingredients in the Vegi-burger with BBQ Sauce are wheat gluten and soy. Yum!).
I'm looking for ideas on food to replace some MREs and supplements to counteract the poor nutrition. My goals being to maintain as high a level of performace as possible, and specifically maintain as much hard-won muscle mass as feasable. All food will either be carried out in my rucksack or resupplyed by airdrop, so it would need to be nutritionally dense, ruggedly packaged (or easily repackageable), require little to no preparation, and be reasonably palateable eaten cold. No refrideration available.
So far I'm thinking canned meat and fish, canned fruit and vegetables, jerky and pemmican (anybody got a good online source for pemmican by the way?), and possibly some proteiin powder, coconut oil, and probiotics. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.
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Mike ODonnell
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I'm guessing anything high in protein and fats. Not a military man...but things like nuts and seeds are easy to carry and don't expire. Jerky is good stuff too. Fats are great because of the high calorie content per gram. Keeping muscle is an equation of enough amino acids and less exercise to break them down. So get your calories in, use fats for fuel and don't do any overly unnecessary exercise if you can help it.

If Pierre is still roaming these parts he probably has some great practical ideas....minus carrying a molsen keg with you.
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