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Anton Emery
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Default Paleo diet and grappling?

Is it possible to follow a Paleo style diet and practice grappling/brazillian juijitsu? I train probably 6-8 hrs a week, plus about another 3 hrs a week of conditioning or strength training. I remember reading on another thread where Robb Wolf said that the more an activity uses the glycotic energy system, the more carbs you need.

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Greg Battaglia
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Sure, just eat a paleo-acceptable starchy carb with your meals after each of your sessions to refill muscle glycogen quickly. Sweet potatoes, yams, squash, carrots. That kind of stuff.
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Rob Harris
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Absolutely possible. The above advice is spot on. If you're too hardcore Paleo to allow for starches, a PWO fruit Smoothie with Protein is the shizzle.
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