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Jeff Bearden
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Default Interesting article

Thought this was interesting about saturated fats

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Garrett Smith
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I thought it was a great article.
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Allen Yeh
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Good article.
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Troy Archie
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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Good article.
No, awesome article.
Healthy body sick mind...
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Mike ODonnell
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I'm actually in shock....this is on Men's Health? Wow....bravo my friends...bravo!
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Scott Kustes
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B-dang dang! First, Men's Health picks up real fitness with mention of CrossFit. Then they report that saturated fat won't kill you?

I love this money quote:
Now here's the saturated-fat connection: Dr. Krauss found that when people replace the carbohydrates in their diet with fat--saturated or unsaturated -- the number of small, dense LDL particles decreases. This leads to the highly counterintuitive notion that replacing your breakfast cereal with eggs and bacon could actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

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Jane Michel
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Thanks for sharing the article Jeff!

Yeah that is an excellent quote Scott! I hope I can persuade my family with this article to try out a low carb diet for three months and then get their blood tested.

Also, people on the T-Nation Anabolic Diet thread usually consume heaps of saturated fat and have good bloodwork results. I did too with lots of whole eggs, bacon, full cream milk, thick cream, full fat cheese etc.
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Ale Dileo
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very interesting .. for further good news
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