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Mike ODonnell
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Default PWO and Muscle Glycogen

Good read from DeVany on Muscle Glycogen and Gene Expression, fits into the whole PWO arguement (or lack there of) for fat loss and muscle gain.

This was on my desk and I didnít get to it during my blitz. I have mentioned gene expression research and pointed out that some kind of local and broader signaling is telling the muscle genes what to do ó how much to grow and what kind of fibers to make.

1. As I previously reported we know that a low muscle glycogen state signals muscle growth. So, low muscle glycogen promotes muscle growth, completely contrary to conventional thinking.
2. An acid environment in the muscle signals the production of FT muscle fibers. An oxygen laden environment signals ST genes. Anaerobic work produces lactic acid which is the gene signal.
3. The FT fibers are voracious fat burners, a little known secret that is still being unraveled. Perhaps fat fuels the restoration of depleted glycogen and phosphates in FT fibers. ST fibers use fat directly, FT seem to use it indirectly in some obscure way. I have posts on this too.

Which brings us to the research I had intended to mention in the blitz. There are genes in the muscle called atrogenes that produce muscle atrophy. Their expression is enhanced by high muscle glycogen. Low glycogen down regulates their expression. In short, high glycogen promotes muscle atrophy or wasting away.

A hard work out levels this difference, but as the muscle recooperates it will go to a low glycogen state for a period of time. During this recovery state atrogenes are turned down.

Thus, a low glycogen state is anabolic in at least two respects: atrogenes are turned down and growth promoting genes are turned up. Other changes are induced as well by low carb diets. Genes that encode for glucose utilization (GLUT 4 and glycogenin among other factors) are turned down and those that promote fat burning are turned up. I think you can see why I am not in a hurry to replenish muscle glycogen after a work out. Or to ingest simple carbs. These factors explain why SuperMike continued to grow muscle even while fasting.
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Eric Jones
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That is some awesome stuff.

It is consistent with what I've been experiencing lately. I've been too damn busy to eat right after my workouts as I usually do and I seem to be leaning out and putting on muscle. In fact, I've been lifting heavier and am bigger than I've ever been in my life with only a couple big meals a day in the evening, mostly of protein and fat. My twice weekly 5K runs with the AFROTC don't seem to be suffering either, lots of juice right up through a sprint at the end.
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