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Tony Ferous
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Default 5 week ape diet...

Nine volunteers, aged 36 to 49, took on the 12-day Evo Diet, consuming up to five kilos of raw fruit and veg a day.

Ms Garton looked for inspiration to the plant-based diet of our closest relatives, the apes, and devised a three-day rotating menu of fruit, vegetables, nuts and honey. The prescribed menu was:

safe to eat raw;
met adult human daily nutritional requirements; and
provided 2,300 calories - between the 2,000 recommended for women and 2,500 for men,

Overall, the cholesterol levels dropped 23%, an amount usually achieved only through anti-cholesterol drugs statins.

The group's average blood pressure fell from a level of 140/83 - almost hypertensive - to 122/76. Though it was not intended to be a weight loss diet, they dropped 4.4kg (9.7lbs), on average.


See the details here, bbc:

Must be a huuuge amount of fructose!
Wonder how much muscle they lost too, usual B12, iron, essential fat issues apply here i think.
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Garrett Smith
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I'd do it, for a limited time, mainly for the benefit of getting out of work and not having to cook!

I do think these diets are good for "cleansing" purposes for those who refuse to give up their carbs--it puts them in a low-protein state so their body resorts to eating old, unhealthy proteins/AA for fuel (along with some fat).

I simply think a high veggie, Paleo-based, IF plan is better on a daily basis.

Don't forget, they started eating salmon the second week!
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