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Damien Thompson
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Default When to raise Zone blocks?

I guess the obvious answer is, when muscle mass increases....

but i'm currently on 15 blocks a day and i'm at about X3 fat. So each meal contains (3blocks=21g Pro - 3blocks=27g Carb - 9blocks=27g Fat (i'm calculating the fat right aren't i?)

I find that i'm always craving almonds so should i wondering do i increase to x5 fat (3blocks=21g Pro - 3blocks=27g Carb - 15blocks=45g Fat)

or should i look to increase the total number of blocks?

My weight has dropped from 80kg to 76kg and i've become leaner but have trouble sticking to the amount of food and find myself going on almond binges every couple of days!
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Júlíus G. Magnússon
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It's hard to say... I say try adding like 2 blocks to your total blocks for a week or so and see how that makes you feel.
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