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Brandon Enos
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Default Pullups and traps...

Do pullups (shoulder length grip) work your traps? Ive always felt it there along with the rest of my upper and middle back so I knid of assumed they did. But I was looking in a Strength Training Anatomy book earlier and they werent one of the highlighted muscles. Maybe its because they were using a very wide grip, Idk. Can anyone answer this one? As a follow up, if not, do any vodyweight exercises hit your traps? I cant think of any besides pullups where Ive ever felt it, and now it turns out that I may have been wrong...
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Steven Low
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A bit of low-mid traps.

Not as much upper traps as stuff like HSPUs, Oly/DL, press, shrugs and other stuff like that will.

It's kinda like the deltoid/pecs in that it is large enough that it has a lot of heads (except it doesn't) which do different things. Well, that's the best analogy I can think of at the moment.
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Darryl Shaw
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Your lower traps act as synergists during pull-ups in fact your traps are usually recruited in one way or another as synergists, stabilizers or whatever any time you move your shoulders as they play a major role in stabilzing your scapular.
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