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Landon Stubberfield
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Exclamation Landon's Absolute Speed Training


Im 22, 5'10" and 155lbs at approximately 10% bodyfat. I'll be training myself until september, which is when college starts. I plan on reducing my time by .2 seconds in that time. Any speed gains I get right now I think would be me regaining speed I've lost over the last 6 years of being sedentary (concerning any leg work such as running).

Current Level:

60m: Untested
100m: 11s:07ms


Goals (before college):

100m: 10s:85ms


I will officially start training on monday. I am doing research on how to train to meet my goals. Id have goals for the squat and deadlift if I knew my maximum poundage. Ive done 310lbs for 3 reps with the deadlift not long ago though so I estimate 330-340. Input is welcome and appreciated.
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